We are obsessed with
the point of beauty

Żongler (en. The Juggler) is an international team of designers and friends who creates individually or together – always in friendship. The foundations of the studio are seeing, looking, watching and presenting these acts above the rigid divisions of visual art. A varied definitions of beauty and ugliness have appeared throughout history among recipients. Żongler is focused on the way of feeling the conception by a random spectator.

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Sphynx Żongler

Żongler / 02

Creative process

In our belief, a great project cannot happen without passion, talent and — above all — personal commitment. Our goal is to create a product that is distinguished by a well-rounded balance of usability along with effective visual impact. We consider all the processes. How a brand looks, speaks, behaves, and achieves designated target.

Jonasz Maczyński

Eye on design

Eye on design / 03

Photography Studio

Creative concepts / 04

What we do

Projects coming out from Żongler are #dope, bereft borders, thanks to the unique structure of the studio. 29 entrepreneurs and freelancers in the field of graphics & strategy, identity & brand architecture, illustration & animation, user interface & experience, products & packaging, ad & communication, scenography & installation.

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Portrait of a woman

Experienced senses / 05

Julius Caesar

Unexplored roads / 06


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